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Improving the health of organisations and individuals.

To deliver on our purpose, we provide a spectrum of training and development services to organisations around the world – from SMEs to global corporations.

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Asking tough questions takes courage. Asking the right questions takes experience. We do both. To find out how we can help your business, have a look at What We Do.

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The vast majority of the requests we receive are for a change in behaviour and may or may not involve developing new skills. Our approach is to listen and clarify the outcome at whatever level. The areas we seek to clarify and challenge are the Environment (Organisational Structures, Physical settings, Reward schemes and other external considerations) Beliefs (what people think, what’s important in achieving the outcome, the strength of commitment to change) Behaviour (How people act in the current situation) and Capabilities (the skills and knowledge people possess and are either using or choosing to ignore). READ MORE


Our mission is to improve the health of organisations and individuals,


it’s just a load of acronyms. I can skim over this stuff, right?