How we work

Our Approach

Delivering specialised training and development to leading organisations around the world

Our Approach

How We Work

The vast majority of the requests we receive are for a change in behaviour and may or may not involve developing new skills. Our approach is to listen and clarify the outcome at whatever level. The areas we seek to clarify and challenge are the Environment (Organisational Structures, Physical settings, Reward schemes and other external considerations) Beliefs (what people think, what’s important in achieving the outcome, the strength of commitment to change) Behaviour (How people act in the current situation) and Capabilities (the skills and knowledge people possess and are either using or choosing to ignore).

This is followed by challenge, we aim to challenge how people feel about the answers to the above four elements and to test assumptions. This step alone can transform the thinking and behaviour of the people making the request (be it transactional or transformational). The development will therefore consider the Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities and Beliefs in the organisation, team or individual. We believe feedback to be an essential element of growth and development and all of our programmes include some degree of personal feedback, aimed at challenging how people currently feel and think about their behaviour and results. By doing this we aim to leave lasting positive change on the individual and organisations health.

Our Approach


Our mission is to improve the health of organisations and individuals. To deliver on this mission, we provide a spectrum of training and development services around the world to organisations ranging from SMEs to global corporations.

We are committed to maintaining a reputation for excellence in the training/consultancy industry by ensuring our consultants uphold the highest standards throughout the design, development and delivery process.

Our approach to quality is based on four fundamental principles:

  1. Delivering to requirements; having identified very carefully the needs of our clients and by following our own internal quality procedures.

  3. Providing a robust Train the Trainer and on-boarding process that is monitored and reviewed.

  5. Ensuring that the quality of service provision is based upon the principle that everyone understands how to do their job to the standard required, and doing it right first time.

  7. A 360º review process that encourages and uses feedback from our clients, our delegates and each other in order to continuously improve our service.